Nicole Lalonde


I am a Bachelor of Music graduate from the University of Ottawa, specializing in piano pedagogy with over 15 years of experience as a music teacher.

Educational philosophy

Very young children respond to and love music. A music courses provide a basis for formal learning in an atmosphere of fun and games. We learn through songs, rhythms, instruments and games. With the intermediate pianist, we continue to emphasize proper technique, articulations, note reading, theory, history, composition ear training and solfège. We prepare the advanced students for examinations, university entrance or simply to broaden their musical knowledge and repertoire. Throughout the learning process, students learn personal discipline and perseverance and the joy of making and sharing music.

All teaching is student-centred. Students learn at their own pace while having fun. Lessons are planned in order to develop the knowledge and skills using various techniques to maintain the interest and the motivation of students.

Learning music is a challenge. We stress the importance of fostering, encouraging and being involved in the early years of a young child’s learning. Acquiring a solid foundation in music will allow the student to enjoy and develop his talent throughout his life.