Piano Lessons
Piano - Individual Lessons

Piano lessons aim to develop a general musical knowledge and include songwriting, music theory and musicianship, technique all while respecting the learning capacities and the need for expression for each individual. Students can study for pleasure, participate in festivals and other concerts, and / or prepare for conservatory exams.

Piano - Lessons groups
Group lessons are available upon request.

It is strongly recommended but not required that students sign up for a piano group lesson per month.

Group lessons allow students to play for others, to reinforce the concepts learned through games, making music with others.

Piano - Lesson parents and child
For parents who want to learn the piano themselves for fun and / or to accompany their young children in learning. Shared lesson - it begins with a short lesson for the child (15-20 minutes) depending on the age and level of concentration of the child followed by 15-25 minutes lesson for the parent.


Level Recommended Duration

Preparatory (3-5) 30 minutes
Beginner (5 years +, Introduction-Grade IV) 30-45 minutes
Intermediate (Grade IV-VI) 45 -60 minutes
Advanced (Grade VII-IX) 60-90 minutes

Fee for session (September to June) ** 36 lessons

Individual Lessons
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
Session (Sept to June)
$26 ($936)
$39.00$ ($1,404)
$52 ($1,872)
10 Monthly Payments

Group Lessons
60 minutes - Weekly
60 minutes – Monthly
Session (Sept to June)
$26 ($936)
10 Monthly Payments
* Available to students enrolled in private lessons only



All semester/monthly payments must be paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the semester/month, prior to the first lesson.

One month's notice is required for withdrawal. The refund will be issued starting the next month. For example, for a writing notice of withdrawal received on October 1, reimbursement will take place starting November 1.

We reserve the right to withdraw a student if the fees are not paid, if there are repeat discipline problems, or if there are too many missed lessons on the part of the student.

Missed Classes
If the teacher is absent, the lesson will be rescheduled to another suitable date. If the student is absent, we do not offer refunds or credit lessons. Occasionally we can offer another lesson date (maximum of 2 lessons per session only if the availability of the teacher allows it). We can also reschedule the lesson permanently if that is the better option.

There is no rescheduling of group classes.

Late Arrivals
In case of a late arrival of the student, the minutes are not added to the lesson time and thus the lesson time is NOT extended.

Rates, policies and regulations are subject to change without notice.